Grant Writing and Proposal Development


The FAU MT office assists in the development of complex proposals that may represent a multi-departmental and inter-institutional collaboration. We also consult individually with faculty and postdocs at the FAU and at other universities in Bavaria, and enterprises and startups who are writing grant proposals for external funding. If you would like to request proposal development services, please contact the FAU MT office.

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FAU MT Research Projects


The Profile Center Medical Engineering (FAU MT) advances the cooperation among the affiliated medical engineering departments and institutions, and intensifies and coordinates the processes where needed. FAU MT provides support to large, joint research projects by organizing networking events, educational programs, startup training, and a dedicated maker space.


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Funding Opportunities


The Funding Opportunities portal is a dynamic platform designed to empower researchers and innovators alike. Here, you’ll find tailored support across three essential categories: fellowships, medtech calls, and startup programs. Whether you’re looking to advance your academic pursuits, drive innovation in healthcare technology, or launch your entrepreneurial venture, our curated selection of opportunities awaits. Explore, apply, and unlock your potential.


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